The Khale Clan


This is how it all began, Aayush while on the bed was pushing his toys away to make space for himself. This got me thinking about all of us having our own little space on the internet & was born.
Here is a little rundown on the Family.

Who we are

ULHAS KHALE (aka Baba) sits at the head of the table. Eldest among 4 siblings baba (baba Khale as he is known to the world at large) has one of the most unique birthday 04-04-1944. An entrepreneur & one of the most patient man I have ever seen…..

Chitra Khale (aka Aaai) feeds the entire table and then some. Well known for her Chicken & Walachi Kichadi, Aai is one kick ass lady & both me & my brother owe our bike'ing skill to her. Both Aai & Aayush are eagerly waiting for Aayush to taste his first round of Chicken & Walachi Kichadi also his first attempt at cycling with Aaji..

Rohit Khale (aka Dada) my elder brethren, the quintessential good son, a very tough act to follow. The man has almost single handily setup the BSE network & is a sports fanatic & one of the best cartoon artist I have ever seen. Read More

Anuradha Khale (aka Anu) eldest of the Khale suun married to Rohit, anu works hard … parties well not exactly harder. If you want something done on time right the first time (be it shopping / software project delivered) hand over the reins to Anu.Read More

Rohan Khale (aka Me). Ask people to describe me in 1 word & the answer most likely is "LOUD", i would claim opinionated. My biggest achievement, Married the woman of my dreams & Baby Boo.Read More

Ramya Khale (aka … uh .. no I'm not going to use a nickname here) younger suun and Yummy mommy of Aayush, ramya is the most compassionate person I have ever met. Currently on Aayush detail, mommy dearest is working her ass off to make sure Prince Naughty gets up & running & by god she is doing a freaking awesome job.Read More

Aayush Khale (aka Baby boo, Jr ,Rockstar ..etc…etc) The youngest of the Khale lot, this fine young gent is all about cooing & smiling & looking cute. Not yet out of his baby booties, Mr Aayush has a long way to go, wooing chicks with his cute (inherited from mom) looks.